How to Make Money on YouTube

Making money online is in demand nowadays and everyone is looking for any online business to make money. Making money on YouTube is becoming a hot topic. Everyone seems quite curious to know how to make money on YouTube. You can see millions of videos having millions of views that make money. There are many ways you can make money via your YouTube channel. We can discuss here how you can make money on YouTube.

For making money online, you need to join the YouTube partner program. Many people earn the handsome amount from YouTube by joining this YouTube partners program. Joining YouTube partners program is quite easy and anyone can join this program by following simple steps.
Follow these steps If you are keen to make money on YouTube

Create your YouTube Account: you have to create your own YouTube account in order to publish unique videos online on YouTube and make money from YouTube. If you don’t know how to open YouTube account, just type YouTube in your search browser and click any of the links that redirect you to YouTube page.

Upload Unique Videos – once you logged in your YouTube account, you can start uploading videos that are recorded or must be unique in order to make money. The most important – use your creativity while creating the video. Video must be unique, fun loving, informative or full of creativeness.

The main thing you must take care of – Do not upload any video that is already published or have copyright issues.
Publish your Vides – when you are done with video uploading, time to make it publish. Keep in mind; video must be public to have maximum views from all over the globe. Remember, YouTube will pay you $2 for every 1000 views. And people around the globe earn income in almost 6 figures in a year with only a few efforts and use their creative ideas and entertain their users all over the globe.
By default, every published video setting is public if you won’t want that public – change it to private or unlisted. But in order to get more views in your video or clicks, make it public.

Join YouTube partners program – This is the main step to earn money from YouTube. Before being a part of partners program, it’s mandatory that you have at-least you have one approved video for monetization. Once your video is approved for monetization, after that you are ready to join or be a part of YouTube’s partner program.
For joining, browse YouTube channel settings and click enable on Monetization section.

After enabling everything, monetization and partners program from setting section, Create your account in Google AdSense, a free service from Google to know how much you earn from clicks on your YouTube videos.
If you don’t have any Google AdSense account, simply create one using link and complete all required information including your bank details so that you can transfer funds from your Google AdSense account to your bank account.

Now, Start creating videos of your own using your creativity and make money from your YouTube channel.


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