Make Money on Instagram

For the vast majority of users, Instagram is just a social media platform used to share photos. Not that many are aware that it is possible to make a decent amount of money on Instagram. Learning how to make money on Instagram is quite simple and easy to understand. It takes a bit of work but it can become a cash cow. The secret lays hidden beneath the numbers.

Getting Started

Advertisers look for engagement. This means that they are less likely to do business with people that have less than 1000 followers. In order to make money on Instagram, an account needs to have at least 5000 followers. Those followers need to be real users. Advertisers will check the engagement on the posts. If for example someone has 10.000 followers and they only get an average of let us say 100 likes something fishy might be going on. It is highly likely that those 10.000 followers are fake users.

For advertisers, engaging real Instagram users is the only way to do business. They will pay popular Instagram accounts to post something featuring their product or service. This can be a video or a photo. The pay rate for such a promotional post will vary depending on how many followers that account has.

Building a Following on Instagram needs to happen as organic as possible. Posting on a regular basis is a good starting point. Also, each post needs to have proper tags so that it can be found by people that search for that particular tag. The tags need to be related to the photo otherwise it can be seen as spam. For optimal results it is best to have a schedule for posting. Posting too often will lead to negative results. Being constant is just as important as the quality of the pictures.

Getting Cash For Posts

The ultimate goal is to actually have an agreement with a brand or company to advertise their products for a price. This can happen by having a contract signed directly between the brand and the Instagram account owner or it can be done through an intermediary. There are several sites that actually offer a certain pay rate per post promoting products and services from various companies based on the number of Instagram followers. There are some rules which do not allow users to post promotional content every day and some conduit codes. These can vary from one platform to another.

Truth be told, not everyone will make it. Building and maintaining an advertiser friendly Instagram account can require a lot of time to be invested. Results will not show instantly since the number of followers is built up slowly. The quality of the photos posted is very important. Also, picking a certain theme or topic for an account can help increase the number of followers. Having a regular Instagram account on which random things are posted is not appealing for both followers and advertisers alike It is a lucrative way of earning money online but it is not easy. Plenty more can be said on how to make money on Instagram but for now, this will do.


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